Get Trim & Slim - How?

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Nearly two-thirds of Americans are overweight; one-third of overweight Americans are obese.
This is extremely dangerous as excessive fat is known to harm the body long term.
It depresses the immune system, self esteem and the body's natural defenses.
Overweight Americans also pose a problem financially, especially with a slow economy.
Not only do most eat an excessive amount of food, sodas and sugar, they are less productive.
With tight incomes, overweight households pose a hurdle for their budgets.
How Can you Get Trim Again? 1.
Exercise - Your body needs to burn the fat, literally.
Begin by walking fifteen minutes each day.
By the end of the week, increase it to thirty.
Within two or three months you should be doing thirty to forty-five minutes of vigorous exercising each day, which could include swimming, running, jogging, weight lifting, boxing, working out at a gym, etc.
When you exercise, never do so on concrete, asphalt or brick surfaces.
This compacts your spine and encourages problems long term.
Diet and Water Intake - Help your body get rid of fat quickly by drinking pure spring water.
Take your body weight in pounds and divide by 2two; drink that many ounces of water each day.
So, if you weighed 120 pounds, you would drink 60 ounces of water.
Diet-eat low glycemic foods.
Just do a search for Low Glycemic Index and you'll have a chart.
This would mean no sugar, splenda, white potatoes, highly processed foods, etc.
Basically, try to eat foods in their original form.
Supplements - You need to provide your body with natural forms of vitamins, minerals and various other necessary nutrients.
If you can find it, it would also be a good idea to use a natural weight loss supplement.
Whatever you do, never use synthetic supplementation.
This is foreign matter to your body and often does more harm than good.
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