Pretty Teak For Your Garden

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The choices for landscape design are on the basis of the home owners' budget, taste and location.
One of the most popular wooden materials for patio design is teak garden furniture.
This beautiful choice of wooden set is a favorite among lavish interior and landscape designers.
Consumers must understand the origin of the teak to establish the reason behind its ever-lasting resistance towards aging.
The natural oils of the tree are an important source of keeping the bark stay youthful and you do not even need to apply any polishing material to it.
The tree also holds its color more naturally than any of tree.
If you are still keen on polishing the surface, you could always get yourself a can of teak oil.
Be sure to purchase the original product or else you might contribute to the decaying of the surface material with unwanted application of cheap chemicals.
With this unique material, there is no need for the use of insecticides because the natural oil which is found in the wood is also a resistance towards pests.
The natural oils contain substances which would deter the invasion of termites and other wood-attracted bugs.
The maintenance for this furniture is very easy.
Just use soap and water to clean the surface and remember to rub gently on it.
The wood is not affected by the use of water as its natural oils are omnipresent in keeping the wood alive for as long as possible.
Of course the durability of the wood depends on the percentage of teak which is included in the entire set.
There are several ratios of percentage of the suggested material such 10% to 50% or the very rare 100% original.
The most valuable and long-lasting elements usually lie in the 100% because the natural oils' quantity is reasonably higher in it.
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