How to choose Medical Transcription Service Provider

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Medical transcription services are progressively being employed by several verticals in the healthcare sector. Right from doctors, surgeons, GPs to self-established medical practitioners and from hospitals, nursing homes, super-specialty clinics to diagnostic centers, and medical laboratories are increasingly turning to MT companies for maintaining health records or medical histories of patients. In fact, the entire spectrum of medical transcription services encompasses a wide range of job functions. From transcribing voice or audio files in any format and of any discipline in medical science (cardiology, radiology, orthopedics et al), transcription services also includes deciphering voice files of lab reports, autopsy reports, discharge summaries, operation theatre memos, and diagnostic reports.

Yardsticks or parameters that underscore high quality level of medical transcription services

A MT firm that has been able to make its mark in the aforementioned segment of the medical industry always strives to provide services to all its clients characterized by:-

Compatibility with HIPAA standards

Delivery of Customer-oriented EMR (electronic medical record) solutions

Maintenance and customization of EMR records

complete solutions for medical transcription and dictation

So, irrespective of whether you're running a medical establishment or having an independent practice as a medical specialist and intend to outsource your medical transcription assignments, then always settle for a company that offers all the above services. Always go for an establishment that offers your desired quality level at rates that you can afford. A professional MT organization will always pay attention to the minutest details as it'll never want to compromise on accuracy and relevant information.

The dictations by doctors and physicians will always vary in terms of speech pattern, accent, and dialect. Furthermore, the arenas of medical sciences and technology are always in a state of flux that calls for harnessing highly specialized services to ensure exactitude and preciseness of transcription.

An efficient establishment will always have key personnel on their rolls who'll have the competence to transcrible files in almost all segments or disciplines of medical sciences including radiology, oncology, gastronenterology, urology, OBS/GYN. They'll also have the expertise in preparing operative room reports, H&Ps, discharge summaries, consultations, emergency care, intensive care unit reports, ICCU reports, surgical reports and so on.

Such an entity should be using a system that offers EMR solutions according to client specifications and requirements. The web base platform will do away with the need to have any costly software or hardware gadgets or appliances at your end. You'll just need a PC or a laptop that runs on Windows. The EMR software solution provided by a reliable and accredited MT firm will allow you to make changes in your transcribed files, add notes, delete records, and fax or send the file directly from your PC.

Always outsource or contract your MT projects to a company that can deliver all your files within your required deadlines. Choose a company that gives you the facility of a ‘trial offer' for at least a week (it should be free of charge of course) so that you can gauge the efficacy of the organisation. Finally, you should ensure that your files are accorded the highest level of security.
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