Bacterial Vaginosis Remedy - Alternative Remedies to Treat BV

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Bacterial vaginosis remedy can be availed in several varieties from using antibiotics to other alternative remedy.
Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is formed when the growth of bad bacteria in vagina is excessive.
There are useful bacteria and harmful bacteria present in vagina and using antibiotics can kill all the bacteria irrespective of whether it is the good one or the bad one.
The function of useful bacteria is to keep control of the bad bacteria in vagina.
If these good bacteria are killed by antibiotics, then infections cannot be fought until the good bacteria re-grows, which can take quite some time.
That is why, many women who have used antibiotics to treat BV had reported with the recurrent of infection with much stronger impact.
Rather than using antibiotics, a lot of women are reporting to successfully treating BV by using other alternative remedies.
Those remedies are not only effective but also caused lower side effects.
Following this kind of treatment, yeast infections are rarely developed.
These are some popular remedies that can be easily found around to be used for BV treatment.
Bacterial vaginosis remedy can be effectively done by using hydrogen peroxide (H202).
Some women also take acidophilus and folic acid accompanying the hydrogen peroxide's treatment and reported to completely heal from BV.
During the treatment, you need also to do your best to prevent BV such as avoiding douching and avoiding colored or perfumed tampon.
Taking vitamins, antioxidants, lowering your blood sugar level and using clean undergarment, will help you to treat BV efficiently.
Bacterial vaginosis remedy could heal the condition very fast.
Those ingredients and remedies are already proven to be effective to most women with low side effects.
If you are facing this problem or having recurrent from this kind of infection, you know that you still have other options and alternative to treat and to get rid of BV.
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