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My mother is The Christmas Tree NAzi.
Where most families decorate the Christmas tree as a family, my mom does not like anybody decorating the tree other than herself.
As a kid I would decorate the Christmas tree and then my mother would say: "Oh Baby that looks nice.
You did a wonderful job.
But you know if you just move this piece here and this piece there..
" And before you know it the whole tree would be rearranged as mom saw fit.
It was disheartening.
My poor little feelings would be hurt.
Now I don't even try to decorate the tree.
I have learned that there is no hope that I will ever decorate another Christmas tree as long as I am at home with my mother.
It's just not possible.
We (well my mom) just managed to decorate the tree tonight even though the tree has been up for a couple of weeks.
And what can I say, she stayed true to form.
She put the kids to be, begin to decorate the tree, and didn't ask for my help until she needed me to fill in some holes on the side and the back of the tree.
You know the areas where no one is going to look.
That's my mom.
The Christmas Tree Nazi.
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