How to Use a Dueling Dreidel

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    • 1). Give each dueler an equal amount of supplies for the kitty, if you are going to keep the tradition of playing to win small treats. The kitty can be composed of small candies like gummy bears or fake coins. If you are playing with a kitty, each competitor should put an equal amount of treat into the kitty to start with.

    • 2). Attach the dreidel firmly to the base or joystick; designs may vary, but the dreidels should click into place. Press the button on the base or joystick to get the dreidels spinning.

    • 3). Press the button firmly to release the dreidels from the joystick and have them spinning on the surface of the play area. Competitors should release their dreidels at the same time. Generally, the dreidel that knocks the others out of the playing area or is the last one left spinning, is the winner.

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