Natural Health - How to Use Essential Oils to Heal Back Pain

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Millions of Americans live with chronic back pain.
We have so many advances in modern medicine yet so many suffer with unrelieved pain.
As a registered nurse for 20 years, I have cared for many that experience chronic pain.
It was always something that bothered me.
It is difficult to watch people suffer in pain.
I had to find a solution.
In order to do that I had to dig deeper into the cause.
Here is what I discovered over 20 years of personal research.
-You can relieve chronic pain.
The body is incredibly intelligent, if you work with it, you can heal it.
-Pain is a valuable message from your body, it has a language that you can learn.
-Working with natural remedies helps you tune into the language and heal the pain with substances that the body likes and appreciates.
Covering up the pain with medications causes the body to continue to send more pain messages.
Our bodies have been intelligently created to respond positively to plants and nature.
We have been eating plants to nourish and sustain us in the form of grains,vegetables, and herbs for hundreds of years.
We have also used plants in medicine for thousands of years.
Many think that essential oils are a new age healing technique but, they have been used for healing for thousands of years as well, with references observed even in the bible.
Here are three ways to use essential oils to heal chronic back pain.
1) Applying essential oils to the painful area, increases blood flow and oxygen to the area.
Lavender oil can be used to penetrate deeply into the area to produce relaxation and reduce inflammation.
It can relax irritation to muscles and nerve endings.
Scientific studies show it repairs and heals the tissues.
2) Many times our pain is created as a response to emotions, as in the case of a tension or stress headache.
There are specific emotions that can create the same pain in the spine and back.
Release essential oil blend can be used to release these emotions in the area of the back where they are being stored.
3) Have you ever had an inner knowing or intuition yet didn't listen or trust it? Then, in hindsight, you saw the situation so clearly? Frequently our bodies create a pain to signal a warning.
Often when we resist our inner knowing, spirit and our subconscious will intensify the pain to get us to surrender.
Surrender essential oil blend can be used to relieve pain in the back and spine allowing you to open and surrender to the message your body is sending.
Once you do, they pain literally melts away.
When you begin to work with the natural rhythms, messages of your body , pain can be relieved.
Using a natural and holistic remedy and approach allows you to work with your body to relieve the pain once and for all.
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