How to Send Cute Text Messages

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    • 1). Open up the text messaging feature. Depending on your phone, you should either have a text messages icon on your home menu, or should be able to access the text message feature from the options on the home screen.

    • 2). Begin a new message or reply to a previous message. To begin a new message, select the "new" or "new text" option. To reply on a previous message, click on the message to open it up and then select the reply feature, either on the screen of the text message or in its options menu.

    • 3). Insert smileys. A smiley or emoticon can sometimes say much more than just words. Most cell phones come with smileys or emoticons that can be accessed by the text messaging options menu. If your phone doesn't have these built in, don't despair. You can construct your own by using the dial pad of your phone. You could send a rose by typing "@>--;-- " or maybe send a wink by typing " '-)". Click on the "Smileys and Emoticons" link in the Resources for more examples.

    • 4). Write the message in textese. Textese is text shorthand that uses abbreviated spellings and acronyms. An example of textese is "i<3u" for "I love you." You also commonly use like sounding numbers in spellings, like "gr8" for great, and substitute numbers for words, like "2" for "to." Textese also has a number of acronyms like "lol" for "laugh out loud" and "brb" for "be right back." Use textese sparingly for too much of it can make it tiresome. See the "SMS Dictionary" link in the resources for more examples.

    • 5). Write something sweet and personal. Our days our long and sometimes our jobs are even longer. Receiving a sweet personal text can make the day go by faster. Just sending the cute message of "Cannot wait to see you" will make them anxious to see you also. You can also just text them that you are thinking of them or that you love them. Sometimes a romantic text can be better than a box of chocolates or a dozen roses.

    • 6). Send the text. Click either on the send button or chose the send option from the text menu. Some phones come with a program to delay the sending of the text, so you can have the text sent at a time when you are together.

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