Halogen Light Bulb Varieties

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    • Halogen bulbs are found everywhere.light bulb image by Zbigniew Nowak from Fotolia.com

      Halogen light bulbs are one of the most common light bulbs seen wherever you go, from houses to offices to cars. Halogen bulbs contain a gas compound that keeps the light source steady and bright while the tungsten wire is slowly burned up during the lifetime of the bulb. Halogen bulbs come in a variety of types, each one made for a specific use and input device.


    • Halogen bipin bulbs are crafted longer and thinner than average bulbs. Two metal rods poke out of the base end, where they are slotted into place with whatever light source they are acquired for. On average, they are smaller in size, and so bipin halogen bulbs are often used in lamps, utility flashlights and other around-the-home and office appliances.


    • MB halogen bulbs are the closest to normal incandescent bulbs seen around the home, such as in table lamps or overhead chandeliers. MB halogen bulbs are a popular replacement for regular bulbs as they tend to have a longer lifespan and can fit in most normal light bulb sockets without the need for adaptors.

    Reflector Floods

    • Reflector flood halogen bulbs have a wider top; the main panel is translucent while the sides and base have a reflective coat which redirects the light over a larger, yet concentrated area. Reflector flood halogen light bulbs also have a whiter tone of light to them compared to incandescent reflector flood lights.


    • PAR halogen light bulbs have a conical shape with a wide lighting surface which is either flat or slightly rounded. PAR halogen light bulbs are most often used in recessed lighting sockets or outdoor fixtures and come in a variety of beam spreads.


    • Double-ended halogen light bulbs are shaped into a tube with an electrical connector on either end. When plugged in to a light source such as the overhead lights in an office building or a torch lamp, the electric current runs through the tungsten wire which stretches between the ends. Various lengths can be bought depending on where they are to be installed.

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