Disadvantages of an Indoor Waterfall

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    • Although a waterfall is not a common household accessory, people sometimes choose to install a waterfall or water fountain in a common room, such as the living room or family room. Disadvantages to installing an indoor waterfall are numerous as the presence of the water can affect the air quality in the room and is a potential danger for adults and children.

    Curious Animals

    • To function properly, indoor waterfalls must include a small basin that the waterfall drops into. The basin must be placed close to the floor, giving the water a free fall before landing in the basin. Placing a waterfall basin close to the floor can attract pets, such as dogs and cats. Dogs may even use the basin or waterfall as a watering dish or watering source, resulting in dog residue or drool left in the basin, which can cause unclean water in the waterfall and pose a potential danger to the animals due to algae in the water.

    Water Floor Stains

    • Algae grows in water basins or fountains even in indoor water units. Algae turns green and can start producing a distinct rotting smell. The water itself can become dirty and green with bacteria. Since waterfalls often allow water to fall free down to a water basin, there are chances of water stains on the surrounding floor, which can lead to algae-stained carpets and rugs.

    Small Children

    • Installing a waterfall and water basin in a common room, where people are often present, can become a dangerous hazard to smaller children and toddlers. Curious children will often go over to a new and interesting waterfall to examine and play with the water. However, children and toddlers can trip and fall into the water, which can have dangerous consequences.

    Increased Humidity

    • Installing a water fountain and waterfall in an enclosed room will cause an increase of humidity in the room. Although humidity is a necessity for people, too much humidity can be felt in the room and can leave things damp in the room. Fabrics may even start to smell rotten because of the humidity in the air and dampness in the fabrics.

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