How to Sew Awning Covers

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    Measuring Your Current Awning Cover

    • 1). Remove the current awning cover from the awning framework.

    • 2). Measure the awning cover to determine how much fabric you will need. Take into account the shape of the awning and how you will lay out the pattern on the fabric, as well as seam allowance. If your fabric has a printed pattern, such as stripes, get enough fabric to keep the pattern consistent on the awning cover.

    • 3). Measure each piece of the awning cover and note these measurements. Include front, sides and awning flap, if there is one.

    Cutting the Fabric

    • 1). Lay out heavy duty fabric on a flat surface.

    • 2). Using the awning piece measurements, draw out each piece of the awning and cut, leaving a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Remember that large surfaces may require more than one piece of material, depending on how wide your fabric is, so you may have to cut multiple lengths of fabric to make up one awning piece.

    • 3). Cut one or two long vertical strips of fabric, 1 inch wide, to be used for awning ties.

    • 4). If your awning has a notched flap, cut out 2-inch strips along the bias of a secondary fabric. The number of strips should equal the measurement of the edge notched flap when the strips are sewn together.

    Assembling the Awning

    • 1). Stitch the main pieces of the awning together with a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Flat-fell seam lengths of fabric that make up one large piece of awning.

    • 2). Press the seam allowance to one side or the other of the seam and top stitch the seam allowance.

    • 3). Hem unfinished edges of the awning. Fold fabric over 1/4 inch, twice, to make a rolled hem. Stitch the hem and press it flat.

    • 4). Make awning ties. Fold the 1-inch vertical strip of fabric over on each lengthwise edge 1/4 inch. Fold the entire piece in two, so that the folds you just made are touching each other. Top stitch the fabric strip. Cut into shorter pieces and stitch to the awning cover in the same places that the old awning cover had ties.

    • 5). Re-attach the awning cover to the awning. (For instructions on how to finish a notched awning, follow instructions in Section 4 first.)

    Trimming the Edge of a Notched Awning Flap

    • 1). Stitch pieces of bias tape together to make one long, continuous length.

    • 2). Fold the bias in 3/8 inch on both lengthwise sides and press flat.

    • 3). Fold the bias tape in two so that the folds you just made are touching each other to make a long strip of fabric that is approximately 1 inch wide all the way down.

    • 4). Enclose the unfinished edge of the awning flap in the bias tape and pin. Top stitch the bias tape to seal the edge.

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