Order Online Decorated Cake Toppers for Unique Weddings

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Each wedding is special and unique for the participating individuals. The couples have the feel of royalty and the family-friend circle part of a royal court. The emotions laced with the flow of thrill and joy is the same for both kings and subjects. A wedding is characterized with floral decorations and costumes. The focus is on - the wedding cake. To make it different from the usual run of the mill decorated cake toppers will be handy.

Shopping online for toppers:

Yes - it's unbelievable but true that you can order online gorgeous cake toppers just by sitting in front of your computer. Click on Halinka's Fairies and hone in on sites like Bride and Groom Toppers, Fairies, Handmade Fairies, Wedding Cake Toppers and the like. On the screen will unfold a world of cake toppers and you can make your choice; there will be so many of them that it will be mind boggling. You make your choice online and even remit payment online. The items will reach you timely. You can even track online the delivery status. The internationally renowned payment modes are time-tested - safe and secure.


The British have never allowed modernization to overcome their respect for traditions linked with culture. During weddings this feature comes to the forefront. Spirituality joins hands with folk customs and folklore to make the occasion a big bang. In yesteryears a heap was made of scones, biscuits, pies and many types of bread. The newlywed had to kiss this mound. The belief was that if they kissed without disturbing the pile then their union would be blessed with fertility; along with the guests all would be showered with prosperity and happiness. From the 18th century onwards this custom was replaced by another sophisticated one - the tiered wedding cake. Different baking ingredients and icing were used. British tradition dictated the placing of two bride and groom dolls atop the cake. The tradition continues today and online you can get these toppers that are unique and individualistic.

Toppers Galore:

There are various types of wedding toppers; for instance the bride is wearing a formal dress while the groom is in a morning suit. Ethnic types are creeping in so as to satisfy all communities wanting to lean back to their roots. There are also vintage wedding toppers with the bride and groom dolls in traditional attire. The new generations wants to add doses of humour. In one such scenario the groom doll is seen running away while the female doll is holding on to his coattail. It's not just the wedding couple dolls but there are many other toppers like images of idols, fairies, toys - all in a riot of colours and fashion. The guests will be enthralled. The plus point is that in this new age of the Internet nothing will vanish like the day on the calendar. You can capture everything in digital photographs, take moving videos and then send them across to friends and acquaintances across the world.
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