How to Make Placement Cards

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    • 1). Choose the color of card stock that matches your theme for the evening. If it's Valentine's Day you may want to use red card stock. Thanksgiving would lend itself to brown or orange card stock. Cut the card stock in to pieces that measure 3 by 4 inches. You need one piece for each guest.

    • 2). Fold the card stock pieces over so that they measure 2 by 3 inches. Stand the pieces up on the table with the cut ends down and the fold at the top. This is your basic placement card.

    • 3). Cut a piece of corrugated paper to measure 1 by 1.5 inch. You can cut it straight or with a pair of fancy scrapbooking scissors. You need one piece for each placement card. Glue the paper directly in the middle of the front of each placement card.

    • 4). Write one guest's name on each placement card. The name goes in the middle of the corrugated paper and it can be written with a fine-tipped marker. If you have a calligraphy pen, you may want to use that.

    • 5). Add any other decorations that you think would make your placement cards appear more fancy or festive. For example, you can tie a bow with a piece of ribbon and glue it above each name, or you may want to stamp or stick on a picture of a candy cane if it is Christmas time. This is your chance to be creative.

    • 6). Use a placement card holder if you don't want the placement cards to stand alone. This is optional, but it can add a nice look to your table. For example, you can stick the placement card in the top of a pine cone in the fall, or use a store-bought placement card holder for a fancy dinner party.

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