Subway Calories Treat You Right When Your On The Run

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Life doesn't always cooperate from time to time.
Some days you just are not going to have time to slow down for anything.
Sometimes you rush out of the house and forget your lunch and there's nothing that you can do about it.
Just accept the fact that it happens from time to time and when it does don't worry about it! No need to dwell on a negative and ruin the rest of your day.
We are not perfect, we are humans and this will happen every now and then.
When this problem arises a great solution are Subway sandwiches! I have been a long time Subway sandwich fan since I can remember.
These guys are great in the fact that you they will make your sandwiches ANY WAY you'd like, and for me that means I won't break my food calorie calculator with a ton of excess calories.
Believe it or not Subway offers a selection of products well under 500 calories.
Yes I said LESS than 500 calories! As an added bonus they are all very low in grams of fat as well.
I like to call these calories "Subway calories" and they will bail you out when you're in a jam while not destroying your wallet.
Subway's menu of healthy lunch recipes is a lot larger than you may think.
I actually carry a Subway nutritional chart in the glove compartment of my car and believe you me...
I've used this chart more than once! Here are 3 of my favorite sandwich choices from Subway which usually end up hitting my stomach somewhere in the vicinity of about 12:05pm on Friday afternoons.
And since I'm a total soup buff I've also included 2 of my absolute FAVORITE soup choices that Subway has to offer as well.
Sandwiches 6 inch Sweet Onion Teriyaki - 380 calories / 4.
5 grams of fat 6 inch Oven Roasted Chicken Breast - 310 calories / 6 grams of fat 6 inch Black Forest Ham (no cheese) - 290 calories / 4.
5 grams of fat Soups Tomato Garden Vegetable w/ Rotini - 90 calories / 0.
5 grams of fat Rosemary Chicken and Dumpling - 90 calories / 1.
5 grams of fat As you can clearly see Subway is a healthy alternative to a bagged lunch and their friendly wait staff is there to make your sandwich anyway you'd like.
I'm always on the go so I like to grab my order and run but feel free to stick around and have a seat inside their cafe style dining room.
Just don't forget your diet soda..
Been there, done that, got the T-shirt and it's a total bummer!
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