Advantages of the Gravity Hammer

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    • The gravity hammer functions identically in "Halo 3" and "Halo: Reach." When used, the gravity hammer is smashed into the ground in front of the wielder. A splash of energy erupts from the contact point, hitting anything caught within the blast. The damage from this attack instantly kills almost anything, both players and artificial intelligence (AI) enemies. This damages both hostile and friendly targets caught within the blast. The gravity hammer, like the energy sword, does not allow unlimited usage. The energy bar for it drains with each swing. This weapon is useless once the gauge is completely drained. There is no way to recharge the energy of the gravity hammer.

    Advantage over Energy Sword

    • The only other melee weapon available is the energy sword. Overall, this is a faster weapon with a special lunge attack that allows the wielder to charge at enemies outside the sword's normal range. While a useful weapon in its own right, it tends to be less effective than the gravity hammer in a straight melee fight. The blast from the gravity hammer gives it a longer range than the energy sword. A properly timed gravity hammer attack can kill an energy sword user before he can get in range. This includes when the sword's lunge attack is used, although the timing is a little more difficult. The splash effect of the gravity hammer also allows it to hit multiple targets at once, which gives it a secondary bonus over the energy sword.

    Advantage over Small Arms

    • The gravity hammer usually fares poorly against small arms users. It is often impossible for a gravity hammer user to get into range before dying. But there are some advantages to using the gravity hammer against small arms users. The main advantage is the damage. If you do get in range, your attack is an instant kill. This makes a more effective weapon in interior levels where it is more difficult to get out of melee range. The splash damage also allows the gravity hammer to kill multiple targets simultaneously, which is something small arms weapons cannot do.

    Advantage over Explosive Weapons

    • The energy splash caused by the gravity hammer is similar to the various explosive weapons available in "Halo," such as the rocket launcher or fuel rod gun. The gravity hammer lacks the range of these weapons, but has a few advantages. The major one is that the splash damage of the gravity hammer can never hit the user. This allows it to safely be used in close combat, when the splash damage from other explosives usually kills the user. In addition, the projectiles from explosive weapons move relatively slowly. This makes it fairly easy for the target to dodge or take cover from the blast. This is not possible against the gravity hammer due to the close range.

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