Lasik Corrective Eye Surgery - How Lasik Surgery Can Improve Your Sight

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Previous patients have to rely on using eyeglasses or contacts anytime and anywhere they are.
These tools are very annoying sometimes.
With the Lasik surgery, it is now possible to forget about these old days.
The majority of people who have undergone the surgery have seen their vision improved and therefore can forget about their glasses or contacts.
As the technology is growing, several technologies can now be applied to the surgery in order to making it perfect.
For instance the Wavefront technology is nowadays accessible and commonly used in the Lasik surgery.
Other technologies include the diagnostic workstation and the Orbscan Technology.
Lasik surgery is designed to improve patients' vision and its outcome is instantaneous.
A special knife called microkeratome is used a thin, circular flap in the cornea.
A good alternative involves using an excimer laser.
The latter possibility is more accurate and therefore presents better outcomes.
Having cut the flap on the cornea, the Lasik surgeon folds it away from the path and removes additional cornea tissue.
This is achieved by an excimer laser which makes uses of cool ultraviolet light beams to get rid of small pieces of additional tissue.
Having removed it, the cornea is reformed resulting on a better focus light into the eye and onto the retina.
As a result, patients' vision is immediately improved.
The flap is therefore restored to cover the missing area of the tissue.
The surgery is generally a quick and pain-free surgery for most patients.
Throughout the surgery, patients are conscious and awake and can even walk after the surgery is done.
The use of eye drops to anesthetize the eyes before the process is another reason why the surgery is pain-free.
If patients feel uncomfortable before the surgery, they may take some mild sedative to feel better.
Before the surgery starts, patients are lied down and the surgeon will put a dedicated equipment to hold the eyelids throughout the surgery.
As soon as the surgery commences, it only lasts about a minute to setup everything.
Should your surgeon makes use of a laser throughout the surgery, the computer is properly set so that the laser will get rid of the accurate quantity of corneal tissue.
During the surgery you may hear a clicking sound from the laser as well as an acidic smell caused by the removal of the tissue.
The surgeon controls the laser and therefore can stop it any time throughout the process.
If the operation is supposed to take place on both eyes, the surgeon may decide to give a short break between these two operations.
You may wish to have the second eye examined as soon as possible following the first operation.
This period is usually a week or a fortnight.
The Wavefront technology is definitely the most successful technology used in this surgery.
Its popularity can be explained by its ability to be customized to cure your eyes.
This brings about much better results.
Statistics show that results in the order of 20/15 are encountered after Wavefront Lasik surgery.
A recent survey comparing Wavefront to conventional Lasik clearly reveals that more than the majority of patients recorded at least 20/20 vision following the surgery.
Because of the small possibility of abnormalities such as halos and night glare, many Lasik practitioners nowadays prefer using Wavefront.
Talking about the diagnostic workstation, it also has some good advantages especially the fact that it can cover more space.
The Orbscan Technology on the other hand also has its own benefits because it can be used to reveal if you are allowed to undergo the Lasik surgery.
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