Becoming Youir Best Self - 3 Ways to Work on Your Mental Self

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True integrity means that we have all four areas of life working in harmony with each other.
Our physical self complements and enhances our emotional, mental and spiritual selves.
Each dimension complements and enhances the other three.
In fact, when you are 'in' integrity, there is no awareness of the four separate selves.
There is only "I".
Even though that's true, while we are working towards wholeness and becoming our best self, one of the four areas might get left behind.
The way to bring them back in balance is to focus on the 'weaker' aspect until it is as strong as the others.
Here are some thoughts on the mental self.
Working on the Mental Self For me, the mental side is the self that most of us focus on once we start school.
While we probably start with all our focus on either the emotional or physical self (and most probably a combination of both in our early years), when we start school there is a transition to our mental self as, through all those years of education, we are rewarded predominantly for our grades and expanding knowledge.
While it is an important dimension of our life, it belongs on an equal footing with the other three dimensions.
However, I can remember a time when my whole self worth was a direct reflection of my brain and my accomplishments in learning.
It was actually a very sad place to live.
Today, as I honor all 4 aspects equally, I constantly seek to expand my knowledge and awareness of life by regular exposure to new thoughts, ideas, people and places.
I choose to explore the world, joyously and without fear.
  1. Wake up your brain each morning.
    When I wake up, my brain is usually in a fog.
    Very often, I start my day with a cup of coffee and a matching game of Mahjong that forces my brain into alertness.
    Sometimes one game is enough, sometimes I need more.
    After that, I'm able to proceed to my work day, where I can turn my attention to the business matters at hand.
    That's whats works for me.
    If you jump in the shower first thing, then make sure you stimulate your brain with your fingers by using your nails when you wash your hair.
    (In actuality, you don't need to be in the shower to do this, but you should certainly always do it when you are in the shower!) I have a friend who wakes up his brain by watching a much-loved sitcom when he gets up.
    For him, laughter starts the brain working.
    My mom does crossword puzzles.
    It doesn't really matter what it is as long as you enjoy it and it gets your brain working on all four cylinders!
  2. Reflect on everything you see, hear or read.
    While it doesn't stimulate your body, if you spend much of the day watching TV or in non-brain-needed activities, you can still get those mental juices going by reflecting on what you're watching on TV or reading in the paper.
    Is that what you believe in? What do you think about that? Is there a better way to do that? How would you do it differently.
    What about the person watching it with you? Have a dialog with them about what's going on.
    Quite honestly, I believe you can use this technique all day long to keep your mind active and alert!
  3. Decide to learn something new.
    No matter how old you are, you can still identify something that you always wanted to learn.
    It could be another language or any other topic you can think of that always had your interest, but you never had time to focus on it.
    Even if you are short on time, identify something you want to learn and find fifteen minutes a day, discovering a new aspect or just getting clarity on an old one.
    You'll be surprised how even 15 minutes a day on your favorite learning lesson will keep you on your toes and enhance your quality of life.
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