Computer Malware Dolls: Giant Versions of Digitized Viruses

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Viruses are living micro-organisms found on this earth. But this word is also related to world of computers which is a non living world. So, this non living world has its different limitations and capabilities. Whatever will be the case, the point is that computers also get infected with viruses and any stuff like that. The only difference - one is living and the other one is non-living.

Now, the thing is that if our computers get infected with these viruses, then how bad we feel. It may be shocking if it really going to hurt some of your important files or folders. So, you always want to keep your computer away from this problem. But, if I tell you about one virus, then you would always like to have a one for you! Just read a little more and the suspense will be opened out!

Unique Computer Friend

COMPUTER Malware Dolls, Bug Dolls, Bot Dolls - the plushes or toys that have been made to represent the computer viruses and are the funny versions of the same. You can have a plush for yourself, in case you want to place it on your computer table of you want to have it to be given as a gift for your friend. Your computer might be in a need of a good friend!

Binary Digits Make Over

All of us are aware of the fact that computers are made up of binary codes - 0 and 1. And these are all the logic that is enough to solve all the functionalities of these viruses and computers. Now, if this is so, then how these toys can leave this fact as unrevealed? So, for the sake of a real representation, these toys have also been made using binary digits embossed in different ways so as to give the maximized real effects. Thus, making the required shapes!

MALWARE itself stands for malicious software, so does these COMPUTER MALWARE DOLLS! Malicious software itself is a threat for computers and has been known to be the most dangerous ones. These have become a threat to our security, files and doing things like security.

A lot of varieties like Malware, Bots, Viruses and Trojan till now have been developed and the remaining ones are going to be developed with time. The upcoming varieties are related to different aspects of the insertion of the shapes of Bots, Bugs and Zombies into them. These all are available just like a key chain versions of the real ones. So, buy your new bug dolls today as we are going to make them fluffier and entertaining than before to make them just fit for your next time gift for your friend or as a thing for your computer table.
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