How to Plan a Gown for a Sweet Sixteen Party

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    • 1). Scope out the styles and colors that are favored and flattering. Flip through teen or bridal magazines to get an idea of the dress styles and colors you like most. Search online through department store and bridal websites and print out any dresses that appeal to you.

    • 2). Perform some investigative work to try to find out what dresses have been selected by other attendees to avoid duplicates. Research more obscure boutiques and dress shops to find unique options. Many stores keep a list of dresses purchased for major events to avoid the duplication of dresses. Check with stores in your area to see if they provide such a list.

    • 3). Try on all dresses of interest. Wear the appropriate undergarments, like a strapless bra, to the stores to gain a better idea of what style dresses will work for you. If you plan on wearing heels to the party, bring them with you. Try the dresses on with shoes similar to the ones you plan on wearing, if you haven't yet decided on footwear.

    • 4). Once you have found a dress style or color you like, try different variations to find the absolute best choice for you.

    • 5). Once the party dress is selected, turn your attention toward accessories. Purses, wraps, shoes and jewelry all play a pivotal part in the overall appeal of the dress. Stay with the theme of the dress, whether it be formal or casual, and have fun adding your own touches.

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