How to Clean Up Windows Folders

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    • 1). Scan your computer for unnecessary files such as temporary files and programs (which can include harmful spyware or adware) that have been downloaded to your computer without your knowledge. This scan can be performed by selecting the "All Programs" tab on the start menu followed by the "Accessories" menu. Select the "System Tools" drop-down menu and the "Disk Cleanup" option.

    • 2). Access your internet browser and delete and temporary internet files or cookies that your computer automatically stores in its cache. This can be done by clicking on the "Tools" menu and selecting "Options" in your internet browser.

    • 3). Delete any items from your desktop that you do not need. Oftentimes programs, documents and links that you download from emails and the internet will download straight to your desktop.You can periodically purge these from your computer.

    • 4). Review your folders such as My Documents, and move files into sub folders to make the system more manageable and organized. Look for duplicate files that you have saved in more than one place.

    • 5). Delete programs from your "Applications" folder that you do not plan on using. Each program your download from the internet takes up a lot of space on your computer.

    • 6). Back up larger files such as photos, music or documents that you do not need to access frequently to a thumb drive, CD, or DVD. Once backed up and safely stored, you can delete these items and rely on the backup disks if you need to access the files.

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