Need a Pick Up Line? I Have Thousands

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In my experience you can go up to a woman and say the most retarded things and she'll won't care.
"Hey you're cute..
as cute as Pikachu!" "Who's the sexiest out of you lot? OK.
Who's the ugliest then?" "I'm going to call you glasses girl.
" "Elton John or George Michael?" "I'd like to crush you.
" "I want to marry a lighthouse keeper and live by the side of the sea.
" "What are the best straighteners to buy?" "Whats your favourite Disney film?" "I'm so cold.
" "I'm really sad.
" "Hey guys I'm really poor will you give me some money to buy some food?" "What noise does a pigeon make?" In fact if you say something retarded at the start of the seduction she'll probably laugh and be more inclined to talk to you.
My friend Roger even went up and did a freestyle rap.
The girls responded fine and thought he was the coolest guy ever.
"One, two, One, two, three, Listen to this stuff I'm giving to thee, I'm not brown, I'm not black, But I can sing I can dance, I can go "Quack, Quack, Quack.
" I'm not that wise, I'm not that tough, I ain't no dog barking "Woof, Woof, Woof," I'm not from London town or Amsterdam, But I'm a respectable citizen that you've just found.
I can't bark, I can't bite, but I can put up a fight, I'm like a demon in the dead of the night.
So you better run, you better flee, You better wish I ain't got twenty-twenty vision, or I'll be stalking thee.
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