Fishing With A Real Purpose

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Fishing for has brought families together for many many decades now. Bass fishing is among the most famous and Trout fishing is close second. Now a days we are trying to become a professional on a recreational level. The 'Biggest Fish' is what we all are searching for. I can't even believe that there is a sport for fishing that pays people to make money in tournaments.

What ever happened to the days when Grandpa loaded us up and went to the local fishing whole? Far and few in between! There are a few active fisherman left and even fewer that eat what they catch. The local grocery stores supply us with our needs but also remove the family outings. Most of my childhood weekends where spent with Grandpa out on the water fishing for Trout.

Why not become a better fisher man/woman? Tried and true we all search for better ways to succeed. Werther your a seasoned veteran to the ways of the water or a true novice. A person can always gain knowledge in the game of fishing. Remember, a discovery is only known when it is shared with others.

The greatest joy comes when the beginners hook that first fish. Seeing that smile from ear to ear. There faces light up and are overwhelmed with joy. This is what fishing is all about. Teaching someone else to fish. Carrying on family tradition and being away from all the conveniences that the Nintendo generation has become accustomed to. Outdoors and the freedom to fish.

An upcoming fad to fishing is bow fishing. Remember the movie 'Deliverance'? Burt Reynolds was the first time I was exposed to seeing anyone fish with a bow and arrow. Now it removes the element of what kind of bait needed. You just have to see the fish for the shot.

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