How to Take Care of an Aloe Vera Plant

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    • 1). Plant the Aloe Vera in in a soil that drains easily. Put it in a soil mix that contains a coarse sand or even perlite. If you are not sure what soil to use, there is a premixed cacti potting soil available in bags that works very well. They don’t like to be over watered and left in wet soil all the time. They do very well in clay pots, indoors or out. The nice thing about putting the plant in a pot is that you can easily move it around.

    • 2). Let the soil dry out thoroughly between waterings. If they are outdoors in summer months they may require a heavier watering when they receive water but the soil still needs to dry out between waterings.

    • 3). Bring the potted Aloe Vera plant indoors when temperatures drop if you keep it outdoors. They are not a winter hardy plant. Their body is mostly water so they will freeze and die in cold climates.

    • 4). Fertilize the Aloe Vera plant once a year in the spring. Use a fertilizer that is a 10-40-10 mix. Dilute the fertilizer when you apply it. It doesn’t need to be strong.

    • 5). Put inside Aloe Vera plants near a window that gets plenty of light.

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