Water Purifier to Remove Fluoride - Truth About Fluoride In Your Water and What to Do About It

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You are probably aware that public drinking water has fluoride added to it by water facilities.
It's been used for decades to promote healthy teeth.
After years of the public drinking fluorinated water, serious health problems have been discovered.
Because of the serious harm of this chemical, every home needs to install a water purifier to remove fluoride.
Background on Fluoride in Drinking Water Why does the government even bother with adding fluoride? When you think about it, doesn't it seem kind of strange for the government to care so much about our teeth? You see, tooth decay used to be a major health problem.
Dental hygiene has only become popular in the past few decades.
To take care of this, the government decided to get chemical companies to come up with a product that would treat tooth decay by the masses.
These companies went one step further.
The worked hard to get the dental association to give fluoride a stamp of approval.
And it worked.
From that point on almost all dental hygiene products contained fluoride and every source of government controlled water has fluoride added to it.
It's turned into a huge industry.
Fluoride has done a great job tackling tooth decay.
It is no longer the serious issue like it used to be.
But, the side effects have proven to be very harsh.
So much so that drinking fluorinated water can permanently damage your body.
Why You Need a Water Purifier to Remove Fluoride When to drink water with fluoride in it, your body cannot break it down.
Slowly over time, your body will collect more and more fluoride.
This is brutal on your health.
Frankly it's terrible that the government still adds this toxic chemical to our water.
If you have children, this will be shocking.
Studies have proven that fluoridated water can lower the IQ of kids and trigger serious personality disorders.
If you have kids, you need to stop allowing them to drink water with fluoride immediately.
Fluoride has health risk with adults too.
It can cause neurological damage and will increase your risk of getting cancer.
You may be thinking that drinking lots of water has been healthy for you but in fact it's been seriously harming your health.
Without a doubt, you need to remove fluoride from your water.
Luckily, this is very easy to do.
When you install the right water purifier to remove fluoride, you will no longer be harming the health of you and your family with drinking water.
It's a very simple solution that's worth every penny.
So, some food for thought on why you need a water purifier to remove fluoride.
What's stopping you from taking action to remove this health hazard from your life today?
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