How to Compare Apple & HP Computers

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    Processor Comparison

    • Macs use Intel processors, and HP computers use both Intel and AMD processors. In the past, Macs used the PowerPC chips, so comparing Macs and PCs was more difficult. To compare the processors, look up their benchmark scores using the link provided in Resources.

    Graphics Comparison

    • Both Macs and PCs use the same graphics cards, so comparing the two is fairly straightforward. Apple once used NVIDIA for all of their machines, but they have now switched to ATI. The benchmark for each graphics card is available online. Check out the link provided in Resources.

    Comparing Other Parts

    • Other hardware items, such as the hard drive, are the same in both machines. For example, a 500 GB 7200 RPM hard drive from Western Digital works in both machines, after being formatted correctly.

    Operating System

    • The real difference between Macs and PCs, aside from price, is the operating system. The OSX operating system is designed for Mac computers only. Macs can run the Windows operating system through dual-booting (Intel-based Macs only) or via a virtual machine. Both computers can run the Linux operating system.

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