How To Get Rid of Forehead Lines--The Answers May Surprise You

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Let me ask you a quick question, do you want to know how to get rid of forehead lines?  If so, join the club.  Mine aren't that bad yet but I want to prevent them  from getting deeper.  And, if you already have deep forehead lines, hang on, I've been researching this and may have some answers for you. 

Those horizontal lines can start at a young age and boy, they can make you look old in a hurry! 

Obviously, everyone's genetic make up is different and some people simply age at faster rate than others.  But with forehead lines in particular,  it's often a matter of years of wrinkling your forehead.  Sound familiar?  Ok, so you're not likely to stop that particular habit (though if you did, you'd reduce your lines considerably…) so what else can you do? 

Get Rid of Forehead Lines with Your Lifestyle

One way to reduce your lines slow down the aging process through diet and exercise.  Doesn't sound very exciting I know but it works. 

The reason is because exercise (any kind is good as long as it's consistent) moves oxygen through your body.  This improves your memory and your health including your appearance.  Now, that's exciting!

The right nutrients will slow aging and help in your quest of how to get rid of forehead lines.  Eat lots of fruits and vegetables so you get plenty of antioxidants.  Antioxidants keep you looking young because they neutralize free radicals which latch onto your healthy cells and mutate them. 

Get your omega 3's.  Research shows these essential fatty acids are critical in skin health and slowing down aging.  A study at the University of California found people who got enough of these in their diet actually slowed down their DNA. 

The bad news is, nutritionists say most Americans are really deficient in these essential fatty acids.  The best way to get them is through purified fish oil.  You can eat fish 2-3 times a week or take a high quality supplement.  This will reduce your appearance of fine lines and wrinkles from the cellular level. 

What's in Your Skincare?

Now I'm sure you're using some type of skin creams on a daily basis.  But will your skincare products help slow aging from the inside out?  That might sound like an ad slogan but there are natural and highly effective products you can be using. 

If you want to get rid of forehead lines—and other lines—you'll want to make sure your skincare does 2 things:

1—Boost your collagen.  You might know about collagen, it's those cells responsible for keeping your skin looking young and firm.  They give you the "cushion" between your bone structure and your epidermis.   Together with elastin, they keep your skin smooth. 

However, as you age, your skin starts sagging and wrinkling as you lose these cells.  And, you start losing them sooner than you might realize, as early as your 30's! 

Make sure you're using ingredients that will increase your collagen and elastin cells so your skin will stay firmer and smoother. 

2-Increase your hyaluronic acid, (HA). this important acid strengthens your collagen cells so they don't break down as quickly.  Together, these are a powerful one, two strategy to reduce your wrinkles. 

One of the best ingredients for increasing your levels of HA is a seaweed called phytessence wakame.  Proven effective for 1000's of years it's been called "the fountain of youth". 

So, there you are: lifestyle, nutrition and skincare can help you get rid of forehead lines.  Visit my website to learn about specific ingredients that reduce wrinkles and lines.
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