How to Put Up Scaffolding

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    • 1). Remove all of the gravel, rocks, garbage and debris from the area in which the scaffold will be erected. If anything is left in the area, there is a chance of danger.

    • 2). Hold one side of the scaffold up straight while another person locks the two arm braces to it. Once erected, these arms will provide stability.

    • 3). Hold a second side of the scaffold up straight, across from the first side. Move the arm braces into an "X" pattern and lock the loose ends to the second side of the scaffolding.

    • 4). Place two wooden planks atop the scaffolding. They should be parallel to the "X" that you have already formed.

    • 5). Lock the wheels if the scaffolding has casters. If it is on pads, place cinder blocks around the legs for extra stability.

    • 6). Repeat steps two through four, if additional height is needed. Instead of placing the scaffolding on the ground, thread the legs into the open slots atop the support posts.

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