How To Burn PS3 Games For Legal Data Back Up

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In the life of an avid gamer, the most important item, apart from their gaming console, is without doubt the actual game disk.
For PlayStation 3 these are burned with the new Blu-ray technology, and like all platforms, disks have an imperfect life duration, and it may become necessary to burn ps3 games to avoid hefty costs in replacement games.
The first issue raised when trying to back up, copy or essentially burn a PlayStation 3 (PS3) game is the fact that they are use Blu-ray disks.
Unfortunately, as this is the case, it is not possible to back up using standard DVD burners and software.
DVD cannot read a disk that is burned using Blu ray technology.
The reason for this is that disks contain much more condensed data than standard DVD allows.
There are several pieces of equipment required to attempt to backup, or copy, a disk containing either a movie or a game.
First thing to acquire is a Blu-ray burner, These are different than your standard DVD burner, and are the only piece of equipment that will allow the back up of a Blu ray item.
These burners are generally fairly expensive, and can be around $600 to buy brand new.
But, this is the main piece of hardware needed if one desires to back up any of this type of media.
Next one requires an original PS3 games or movie disks, as well as a blank Blu ray disks to copy it across to.
Another important step is to have the correct software program that will appropriately sidestep any copyright locking on the original disk which will allow a burnt copy on to blank disks.
ImgBurn is a common program used for this job.
Being a free program, downloadable from the internet, it will allow a one to burn a copy of a disk containing PS3 games.
Once an image is created on the computer, using ImgBurn, it is necessary to then use the 'Write Image' option on the software in order to burn the file directly back onto the blank disk.
There other concern with burning PS3 games is that these games disks are always write-protected, and therefore it is actually illegal to copy them.
It means that you cannot copy them directly.
This is a security feature introduced by Sony to prevent the theft or piracy of games which have been developed solely belonging to the PS3 consoles.
In order to break this, which is not recommended, special software is required.
This should only be uses for the purpose of backing up important personal data and never for pirating games or movies.
Distributing copyrighted goods of any types, or selling, them is punishable in many laws.
So basically, one cannot burn PS3 games, without a Blu ray disk burner and certain software to do so.
Getting these may be costly and one should consider if it is a necessary investment and be sure it is for legal use.
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