How To Find Love - Picking The Right Guy

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A lot of women seem to be pretty good at picking the WRONG guy. You know what I mean, you have been there before yourself. Seems like no matter what, the guys that turn out to be the wrong ones are the ones that you always end up with. Are there some tips that you can use that will help YOU to pick the right guy?

Luckily, there are some things that you can kind of check off to make sure that you are not heading down the wrong road and attracting the wrong guy.

Here are some of those tips:

1. Beware of the players out there.

Many guys, even the ones that really have no clue with women, kind of fancy themselves of being players. Women are like statistics to them, and they are not really into the whole idea of falling in love with a woman and being in a committed relationship. As slick as he might be, if you come across the player type, you might want to leave him alone.

2. Does he still live at home?

No matter what his story is, if he is over the age of 25 and still living at home, you might want to give him a pass. These kinds of guys are usually more into their video games than they are into growing up and having a real relationship. If you don't want to have to compete with the video game console, then you might want to stay away from the ones that still live at home.

3. Does he fear commitment?

If you already know that he cannot seem to keep the same job for more than a few months, and he doesn't even want to commit to making plans on the weekend, you can be pretty sure that you are heading for a heartbreak if you are thinking about a long term relationship and falling in love.
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