Learn More About Classical and Alternative Methods of Treating External Hemorrhoids

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The kind of treatment you will need highly depends on whether you have an internal hemorrhoid complication or external one.
Alternative methods of treatment can help with the management and healing of both types.
The external type of hemorrhoids manifest through excrescences of skin around the anus, while internal hemorrhoids cause blood being present in the stool most of the times.
If not treated in time, these may develop into thrombosis.
These protrusions may be very painful, as they also contain a clot inside of them.
It is very important that once you have developed external hemorrhoids, rectal hygiene be done in a proper way.
You know that you are struggling with external hemorrhoids if after the bowel movement you notice blood on the toilet paper or in the stool.
In addition, if the stool is hard or large, or if you notice bloodstains on the toilet seat, that may indicate a hemorrhoid complication as well.
For external hemorrhoids that do not indicate any other serious complication, your doctor may prescribe ointments which applied topically may help relief symptoms.
These ointments contain a substance called hydrocortisone, which is highly effective in the treatment of external hemorrhoids.
However, if your condition is more complicated, surgical intervention may be necessary.
In order to remove efficiently hemorrhoids, the following surgical interventions may be applied: - coagulation with the help of laser treatment, which will actually shrink these excrescences - photocoagulation using the infrared light - hemorroidectomy, which supposes surgical intervention and total removal of the hemorrhoids.
These interventions are suggested only in cases when the hemorrhoid complication cannot be treated through other means like pads, ointments or the Sitz Bath tub for example.
The first method you should undertake if you are a suspect of having developed hemorrhoids is to wear lose underwear and apply ice packs in order to ameliorate the situation.
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