What Is a Direct Stencil Method?

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    • The direct stencil method lets you create a reusable screen for printing images or designs onto fabric and other surfaces. It is a variant of screen printing, a technique in which a porous screen is used to transfer a pigment onto a surface.


    • A common way to produce stencils for screen printing is through the use of photo-reactive substances. They are usually supplied in two parts: an emulsion and a sensitizer. When mixed, the emulsion becomes sensitive to light.

      In the direct stencil technique, you apply the mixture to the entire screen. Then you expose the screen to a positive copy of the image. Light shines onto the non-image parts of the screen. The emulsion in these areas hardens. The areas protected from the light don't and can be washed away.


    • According to Printer's National Environmental Assistance Center, the benefits of direct stencils are they're durable, wear better than some other stencils and are cheaper to make.

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