What’s So Good With Black Contact Lenses?

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Have you ever heard or seen people wearing black contact lenses? Contact lenses are primarily used as an alternative eye-wear to eye glasses. While eyeglasses are sometimes bothersome to wear most especially when a person is active on sports or physical activities, contact lenses on the other hand takes out the use of extra eye accessories and gives a more natural look.

Contact lenses, like glasses, may be used for corrected vision and astigmatism, or they may just be used as cosmetic accessories since the lenses have various colors and different designs to re-create an exotic look.

The human iris is naturally colorized; however, sometimes some people are afflicted with a rare eye condition known as "aniridia" wherein the iris is so thin that it becomes not so visible thus producing a "black-eye" appearance. This rare eye condition may make the individual self-conscious, while others may like to have that appearance because it can surely make one stand-out among the crowd. So it will depend really on the individual if he is going to take this
instance as a gift or as an affliction.

Black contact lenses are unique, in a sense that it is not a common eye color accessory often used. These lenses are extremely black in color, and may vary on the design. One of the designs allows cover on the iris, or covers both the iris and pupil. In this instance, the lenses make the eyes look like only a large pupil.

The other types of black contact lenses have a really dark hue that it covers the iris, pupil and sclera. This is what is called as sclera lenses, which tend to cover most of what we see on the eye, and is much larger than the regular lenses since it extends to the sclera. You may notice that the eye appearance is like that of a cartoon character, having eye color that is entirely black. One of the side effects of this nature of design is that it may tend to blur or blind the natural vision, and harder to put on since its larger.

Most often times than not, the sclera type of black contact lenses is the better choice since it gives a more exotic, puzzling, and dramatic effect. This is most noticeable and the effect will definitely stand out since it is highly natural to look at a person's face whenever talking or gazing at them. The whole black eye color will surely capture awe and wonder that needs a second look. Its effect is unnatural in a sense that no single living person in the world has the entire sclera, iris and pupil colored black.

Judging on the way that it will be used, Black Contact Lenses [http://www.contactlensescolors.org/black-contact-lenses/] that only cover the iris may be for corrective vision purposes. The other type of black contact lenses that covers all, including iris, sclera and pupil tends to be used on special events like Halloween or masquerade parties, which need the additional dramatic effect.
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