Do You Need a Social Security Number to Run a Background Check?

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It's important to know what you would possibly need to run a legitimate online background check.
Most people just assume the only way to run these reports is by inputting someones social security number.
The truth is that this is actually not even needed to run a comprehensive background report on someone.
All you really need is their name, approximate age, and where you think they live (state).
The rest is pretty easy! It's quite difficult to get someone to give you their social security number.
This is a very private matter for most people as identity theft is a very large problem worldwide and protecting this number is one action you must take to protect yourself.
The good news is that you can find nearly anything you want about anyone you know without this special number.
The secret to this method is that nationwide registries publish what is known as public information about all citizens in the US.
These records include past criminal offenses, previous addresses, other names used, and so much more.
They have done all the difficult work of compiling it into one large database so that you don't have to pay private detective type fee's to retrieve the dirt on anyone, including yourself.
So if you were wanting to run a background check on someone, you should know it's very simple to do online now from the privacy of your own home.
You can find out pretty much anything about anyone as long as you know how to spell their name correctly! Good luck!
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