DIY Mosquito Larvae Killer

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    • 1). Identify the mosquito larvae and/or pupae. These are always found in some form of standing water. They resemble either little white curled-up worms (pupae) or little worms that hang down a centimeter or so (larvae). Both pupae and larvae cling to the surface of the water, but the larvae dive down when a shadow is cast over them.

    • 2). Determine whether you want to preserve anything else in the standing water. If you are dealing with a stagnant collection of water, like in a birdbath or ditch, go to step 3 and disregard step 4. If you are dealing with a living pond containing plants you want to preserve, go to step 4 and disregard step 3.

    • 3). Pour vegetable oil into the standing water until a thin layer has covered the entire surface. This will prevent the larvae and pupae from getting any oxygen. In about two days, the larvae and pupae will suffocate, die and drop to the bottom.

    • 4). Add one goldfish or more, depending on size of pond and number of larvae. The fish will very happily eat the larvae and pupae, and rid you of your problem.

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