Do We Need Water to Be Healthy?

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Did you know that the human body is made of 98% water? Is this hard for you to believe? It was for me, until I gave it some thought.
Our organs are mostly made up of water, and all of our bodily fluids use it as a base.
Is it any wonder that water is important to our everyday operations? I think the answer is a resounding yes.
It is recommended that we consume eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day.
That may seem excessive until you consider all the fluids we drink that aren't the water we need.
On average, people consume over 64 ounces of liquid a day.
And only a small portion is probably the water our bodies require to function properly.
Every day, our bodies have several tasks it needs to perform, such as digestion.
It is too often the case that people don't consider how much we ask of the amazing machines that are our bodies, and we can sometimes take for granted that it functions properly.
Here are some things we ask our bodies to do that require a healthy intake of water.
Exercise is an obvious factor in our bodies' overall health.
On a daily basis, we participate in many levels of physical fitness - running, walking, swimming, playing.
A person needs to stay more hydrated than the usual 64-ounces of water to carry out such physically demanding activities.
Our bodies produce sweat to help cool us off, and the loss of those fluids needs to be replenished.
With enough fluids present in our bodies, they can be properly flushed, our blood can be sufficiently filtered, and we can expel our waste.
Consumption of water is the only way to replenish our systems.
Our kidneys especially need the necessary daily minimum of water to function properly.
Without drinking enough fluids, we don't supply our brains with the essential elements needed to keep it in running order.
There's one you probably didn't think of.
Devoid of sufficient water, our brains begin to enter a state of dehydration.
We may experience headaches as a result of this.
Many teenagers who complain of headaches are probably experiencing them by virtue of accidentally depriving their brains of the water it so badly needs.
A fresh blood supply is a necessary part of having fully functioning organs in the body.
And healthy blood exists through suitable filtration and fluid replenishment on the basic levels of cell activity.
Proper cell activity is not surprisingly dependent on meeting or exceeding the daily minimums of fluid intake.
If you ever experience even minor dehydration, take a moment to consider how your body feels.
It's may become clear that our normal functions seem to be working slower than usual, reducing their work load, all because we're not hydrated enough.
Our existence is dependent upon water.
With just these few points outlined here, it may become clear how important water is to our way of life.
What is not so clear is the fact that few people today come close to drinking the minimum serving suggestion.
We think nothing of skipping nutritional requirements - skipping entire meals even - and neglecting to adequately replenish our bodies with water.
Taking these things into consideration, isn't it a wonder that our bodies are able to function at all, much less at top speed?
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