Salary of a Senior Project Coordinator

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    Project Coordinator Traits

    • Project coordinators like working with detail and developing project schedules that show the step-wise progression of a project from start to finish. Coordinators have the ability to foresee a project in its entirety, then fill in each and every required step. They also build in checks and balances for projects that show whether the project is running on budget and on time.

    Education and Certification

    • Most project coordinator jobs require a four-year college degree. A degree in information technology, business or systems management is preferred, but a courseload with heavy emphasis on computer systems and software is acceptable. The Project Management Institute offers a Certified Associate in Project Management that is highly regarded by future employers.

    Salary Levels

    • Project coordinator salaries vary by type of industry and job complexity. Senior project coordinators obviously make more money than entry-level coordinators, but whatever the level of the coordinator, he is expected to keep up-to-date with new project management software and other technologies to best handle projects. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not specifically list project coordinators generically in their review of salaries by profession. It does, however, list cost estimators in the building trades, a type of project coordinator. Here, the median salary in May 2008 was $56,510. The middle 50 percent earned between $42,700 and $74,300.

    Employment Outlook

    • The Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010-2011 Edition, states that the outlook for cost estimator employment will grow faster than average through 2018. Opportunities are best for those with industry specific experience and at least a bachelor's degree.

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