Defense Contract Fraud

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The U.
government maintains one of the largest armed forces in the world.
Because of this, the government itself cannot design and produce all of the defense items necessary to protect you and your loved ones on its own.
In fact, the government will sometimes hire other defense specialists to add to its protection.
When a company enters into a defense contract with the government and receives taxpayer funds, it is expected to help protect citizens.
With defense contracting, the government will often describe what it needs, then seek bids from various defense services in order to find the best deal for your tax dollars.
Next, it will draw up a legally binding contract with the defense company, outlining the needs and exchange of payment.
Normally, this process functions as it should.
Frustratingly, though, not all defense contractors hold up their end of the bargain.
In cases like this, the government may not always recognize or know that it is being defrauded.
Thus, as a concerned citizen, it is your job to call attention to this fraudulent action.
When a citizen notices fraud against the government and brings the criminal to court on behalf of the government, this is called Qui Tam law.
Qui Tam law also allows the citizen to receive a percentage of any damages recovered by the government.
There are several areas in which a defense contractor might defraud the government, including: -Falsifying information in order to win a contract -Bid-rigging -Not providing the goods or services outlined in the contract -Using shoddy goods or services -Overcharging or over-billing -Cross-charging -Failing to complete the project -Charging for goods or services not performed -Not offering the same specials or deals to the government as it does to other businesses Defense contractor fraud can take your valuable tax dollars and use them for fraudulent means.
This is unacceptable and should not go unpunished.
If you are aware of defense contract fraud against the government, you should exercise your rights under Qui Tam law.
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