Negotiating a CRNA Contract

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    • 1). Set up a meeting with the individual at the medical practice or hospital who is responsible for negotiating work contracts. This will usually be the head of the human resources department.

    • 2). Prepare for your meeting. Make sure you have a copy of your resume or CV to show your professional work experience and also research what salary is fair for your services. According to a Merritt Hawkins & Associates study from 2009, the average salary for CRNAs was $189,000.

    • 3). Go to the meeting with the representative from the hospital or medical practice. They will present you with a printed offer that will include a benefits package and salary.

    • 4). Review the offer. Highlight the parts of the benefits package and salary that you wish to negotiate. If the salary is not what you wanted, show the representative your research on what your pay should be. Also, detail your work experience that warrants that increased pay. Make them a counter salary offer, and they will either agree or counter back. This will continue until an agreement has been made.

    • 5). Negotiate your benefits. This includes 401(k) matching, pension plans, vacation days, holidays and insurance packages and services. If you believe that you settled for a salary that was lower than what you deserve, try to negotiate more paid vacation days or a higher 401(k) match. Counter the hiring manager's offer, wait for his response and then counter or agree as necessary.

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