How to Cut Up a Shirt to Look Like a Spider Web

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    • 1). Place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt. This will protect the other side of the garment from accidentally getting snipped.

    • 2). Draw a spiderweb on the shirt with chalk. Each line will represent a place you will cut--the negative space of the spiderweb. Don't make the lines intersect. That would break the shape of the spiderweb when cut. When drawing, think of the spiderweb as a circle separated into six slices. To create each slice, draw a series of lines that get smaller as they reach the center of the web. Leave about one inch of space between each slice.

    • 3). Hold the fabric taut on a flat surface. Use a craft knife or scissors to slit along the chalk lines you drew on the shirt.

    • 4). Try on the shirt. The spiderweb will open up when worn and will reveal a see-through web. If you don't want to wear the spiderweb as a shirt, snip around the outside of the design to remove the rest of the shirt's fabric. Cut strips of fabric from this excess shirt material,. Use them to string the fabric spiderweb on a wall or across an open space.

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