Top Summer Camps For Kids

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Summer can be a wonderful time for children filled with an abundance of new learning experiences.
There are many camps throughout the nation that offer a wide variety of programs for children of all ages.
Some exceptional, well known organizations offering current camps are Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and 4-H.
The YMCA and YWCAs offer multi-aged summer camps.
The Boys and Girls Clubs of America host many developmentally appropriate programs for youth.
Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts have a variety of summer camps in communities all over the United States.
Both day camps and sleep away camps are offered.
If you have a child who is either a Boy Scout or Girl Scout, he or she can work towards badge requirements while at the summer camp.
In a typical program, children are involved in a variety of crafts, athletics, and socialization activities.
Many Girl Scout and Boy Scout camps also have drama, music and art.
4-H is well known for its quality summer camp programs.
4-H encourages kids to be helpful, compassionate members of society.
There are numerous cooperative learning activities in place in 4-H summer programs.
Working with animals is another strong component of 4-H camps.
Many of the summer camps are located in more rural environments.
The goal is for children to have an opportunity to explore their natural surroundings.
Many camp environments expose children to a farm like setting.
Children have an opportunity to learn to take care of farm animals.
Some programs have ropes courses that assist in developing self confidence, balance and coordination.
The cooperative learning focus of numerous 4-H camps develops children's social skills and promotes cooperation.
The Boys and Girls Clubs of America can be found in many local communities, typically in more urban settings.
There are numerous summer activities for children of all ages at The Boys and Girls Clubs.
There are sports leagues, art classes, dance, drama and music programs.
Many centers provide summer school, tutoring, and a variety of community educational support services.
Most activities take place during the day.
Some clubs are affiliated with area sleep away camps, in many cases, having the ability to offer parents discounted rates.
The clubs promote volunteerism and community involvement.
Camp counselors take children on outings to nursing homes and area hospitals.
Other Boys and Girls Clubs are involved with community beautification and take part in gardening activities.
Positivity and cooperation are two major components of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America programs for youth.
Learn about the camps available for children in the local community.
Many programs are cost effective, offering just as many activities as more expensive summer camps.
Getting your kids involved with an established summer program will help them to have an exciting, memorable summer filled with beneficial experiences and learning opportunities.
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