Skeptics, Skepticism and Lotteries

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Skepticism is the opinion that there is no such thing as certainty in human knowledge either in a particular domain or in general.
But the violent response I receive from a skeptic and his inability to connect with my reasoning manner, make me to think that he has an automatic unfair dismissal system and not a healthy reaction.
The more I become enthusiastic when I explain to a group of people about my recent findings in a lotto system, the more I hear:" Hey, come back quickly on earth" or something like it.
Then my impression is as if the enthusiasm creates the skepticism.
I want to do something that will determine people to see the lotto system in another way than they know it.
Sometime it happens.
Someone agrees with me and then I am happy seeing that thoughtful look on his face.
Was it a lucky day for me? Oh, yes! I disapprove the skeptical attitude.
I consider that it is as the skeptics need a daily dose of cynicism and criticism.
So was my father, may he rest in peace, a man with invisible but powerful feelings of social barriers.
His attitude was an exaggerated caution, an incredibility in all around him, a permanent fear of being hurt and a disposition to be pessimistic and suspicious for everything and everyone.
I remember his daily educational routine for me:" You need to believe only what you see".
Perhaps this explains why I was not satisfied with the statistical model of lotto when I began to research this field.
Having not an anterior model, I began intuitively to arrange the drawn lotto numbers in columns by their frequency.
It was because I wanted to see the lotto numbers with my eyes.
Was it a deep-rooted idea implanted in my subconscious mind by my father? Oh, yes! Anything that is cognitively complex requires thousands hours of deliberate studies and practice in an environment where there is feedback, where there is a chance to really learn from your mistakes.
It is applicable to an astonishing collection of different professions from writing classical music to being a brain surgeon and to researching passionately the wonderful lotto game.
That is why lotto is not for everyone.
The brain of skeptics makes up some pretty bizarre explanations when they lose at lotto.
They call themselves realistic persons but in the same time they affirm that lotto is a question of luck and chance.
They do not value both the science that comes from analyzing the past results of lotto and the investigation into future outcome.
The stories that they say to themselves and others are just lessons to create myths that make a cow laugh.
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