Comprehensive Smoking Education Act

104 25

    Airplanes and Airports

    • The federal government prohibits smoking on all flights arriving to or departing from the United States. The penalty ranges from $2,200 for smoking in an airplane seat to $3,300 for smoking in an airplane bathroom. Tampering with a smoke detector on an airplane will earn you a $2,200 fine.

    Daycare Facilities

    • The federal government prohibits smoking in any facility for early childhood development that is federally funded or is under authority by the Department of Health and Human Services. Fines up to $1,000 will be given to violators of this rule.

    Federal Government Buildings

    • The federal government prohibits smoking in all offices owned or used by the executive branch of the federal government, except in designated areas that are physically enclosed and properly ventilated to remove tobacco smoke immediately to the outside. Violators can be fined or imprisoned up to 30 days.

    Libraries and Schools

    • Smoking is forbidden in any kindergarten, elementary or secondary school or library that serves children under the age of 18 and receives federal funding. Neither state nor federal law applies to outdoor school grounds. However, some local governments, school districts and administrations have expanded the tobacco restriction to include school grounds. Fines up to $1,000 may be assessed.

    Nursing Homes and Boarding Care

    • Department of Veterans Affairs, medical centers, nursing homes or domiciliary facilities must allow a suitable indoor designated smoking area that is ventilated or detached from the facility. This area must be accessible to patients or residents and have appropriate heating or air conditioning for those receiving care or services.

    Prisons and Jails

    • Federal law prohibits smoking in all federal correctional buildings and vehicles except in designated areas established by the warden and in outside facility buildings away from entrances and exits. Staff and inmates violating this provision are subject to disciplinary action.

    Public Transportaion

    • Federal law prohibits smoking on all interstate buses that transport passengers. Chartered carriers are exempt from this rule. A $500 penalty may be given to violators of this rule.

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