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Muslim men are very proud and full of pride of their manhood.
Yet what we find in so many Arab nations is that they lack the balls to put down the evil, which is destroying their reputation as strong nations with strong men.
They have failed and are rendered impotent to stave off the International Terrorists amongst them, which is making them the laughing stock of the world.
They do not have the intestinal fortitude to take out the international terrorists or put into check their own flesh and blood and Arab brother who has taken it upon himself to attack Western Civilization.
History shows us that Arab nations have been conquered over and over again.
They have not learned from their long history of being a second rate culture.
Alexander the Great conquered their lands and their history is shown to be nothing more than a civilization of scoundrels throughout history.
There greatest contribution in mathematics is said to be the concept of zero, yet scientists are finding there is no such thing as zero as there is always something there; although if you look at the Manhood of a Muslim man you have to wonder.
The Muslim nations have very little reality based or real contributions to our world.
The men are very proud of themselves, but for what; putting down their women? Abusing their families, screwing their animals and chickens? (yes, this is well documented, I did not make it up).
Is a man one who can put down and degrade women who are not physically as strong.
Women are obviously smarter than the Muslim men, but not strong enough to defend themselves from an Arab man.
What is all this with their big puffed up manhood, every time we catch a so called; "tough guy" Muslim international terrorist, he squeals and rats out all of his Arab brothers, has homosexual sex in prison or tries to take the easy way out and commit suicide.
Yet, they always fail; why? Because they do not have the manhood they claim to have, it is a lie.
They are weak at heart and soul.
Such weakness is so uncharacteristic of modern man, yet we find it so often in Muslim men? I would like to meet a real Muslim man, but I fear they do not exist and surely not the weak-minded men who join up with the International Terrorist Groups, they are the weakest of all.
If there are any strong Muslim men other than those in Iraq who have joined the police to catch the International Terrorists, then they ought to take a stand and knock some sense into their Arab brother who seem to be causing conflict in the world and creating chaos.
Where is the Muslim Manhood and why won't they take care of their own, why are we forced to fight their battles of religious repression from those who have hijacked the Islamic faith? Come on Mr.
Proud Muslim, show us your manhood if you have any? Why do you put up with such insanity such as the Government in Iran or the International Terrorists amongst you? How can you expect the rest of the world to take you seriously if you will not even stand up for what is right and do what is necessary; when it is time fight? Where is this Arab manhood? All I see is weakness, except for those Iraqi police, I just do not get it.
Where are you hiding this manhood you purport to have? Show us, show the world.
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