Energy Investment and Renewable Energy Development

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The e-Gen, Scotland wind energy developer has recently declared, the company is to invest 50m to step-up the number of small-scale wind energy projects in the Scotland.
Tom Forsyth, the chief executive of the e-Gen revealed that, the landowners will be profited and the aim of the project is build and enhance the project in the band of 500kW to 1500kW with the assistance of Rockfield Energy Investments.
Alex Salmond, Minister of Scotland told that, the country hopes to flourish its renewable energy production with few years and by the year 2025; Scotland will be producing surplus renewable energy and power to cope with their rising demands.
In a Low Carbon Investment conference held in Edinburgh, Alex Salmond remarked that by 2020, Scotland will be producing around 80 percent of their power requirements and they will manufacture surplus energy from the wind, and tidal energy.
An understanding was signed recently by Petroplus Holdings AG with Blackstone Group and First Reserve for the sale of Petroplus Holdings holding, this news was declared by the officials of the Petroplus Holdings.
The total transaction worth is 91 million and the Petroplus Holdings plans to invest this amount in the PBF and the deal will be signed shortly and the transaction will be completed within the fourth quarter of 2010.
The Chairman of Petroplus, Thomas D.
O'Malley declared that this decision was made on the interest of the share holder of the Petroplus and this is a stimulating venture and it will create a long term benefit to the investors and share holder.
Gerry Angevine, an analyst and a policy maker in the North America announced that, the function of the government in the development of energy projects are necessary but it is evaded by the bureaucracy without any reason.
The hindrance has ceased many large energy invested projects, the growth of economy is largely affected and it has lead to loss of job for thousands of people.
The aim of the country should be, to increase the investment rate and to reduce the damages which are caused in the Oil exploring companies and many multinational companies and countries should join and embark on many projects and satisfy the rising demand of natural gas and oil through the globe.
The decision-makers in the United States, Mexico and Canada must join and break the investment barriers in the North America's crude oil production and to develop transport facilities.
Eight recommendation policies was framed to focus the national development of the natural gas and to enhance off shore drilling practices
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