Wedding Planner Guide Review - Jumpstart Your Big Day With This Wedding Planner Guide

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Accept help when it's offered.
Planning your own wedding is a big job.
When friends and relatives offer to help you, accept it.
You may not know exactly what you need them to do at the time they offer, but keep a list of volunteers for later.
There is so much busy work to do, enlist anyone that offers help because you can't do it all yourself.
There will be flowers to pick out, cake to taste test, flatware to select, things that need to be picked up, dropped off, gifts hauled, invitations sent and thank yous written.
Respect everyone that is flipping for the bill.
It's hard to please everyone, but if your parents or in-laws are paying for something in your wedding, they are entitled to some say so.
As hard as it might be, let them select something that means a lot to them.
Conversely, if you are paying for your own wedding, by all means do things your way.
Don't be swayed by Mom's guilt trips to invite all her 2nd cousins when you are paying $20 per plate.
Bride and Groom participation.
It's easy to let someone else handle everything, but don't make this mistake with your wedding.
Both spouses need to see and understand the budget plan.
Don't forget to let your fiance participate in the detailed decision making and final price tag considerations.
Getting into a huge disagreement about finances before you're even married is a lousy way to start the rest of your life.
Spend your money wisely.
Think about the things that last after the big day, after the 1st 24 hours of marital bliss.
Your photographs, the video, the wedding party gifts, and your honeymoon.
Having a 7 tier cake and wine served at dinner are nice touches, but not worth blowing your budget on.
Throw convention to the wind - you might save some money! Weddings are big business these days.
Scheduling your ceremony or reception on a Friday night could save you piles of money and get you the date you want.
Wish you could get married in your backyard -do it.
No one should say "you have to do it like this" - even Mom.
Wedding attendees will be pleasantly surprised to see a new twist on the same old ceremony and reception.
Make it fun, make it your day.
Despite everything the day will not be PERFECT and that is OK.
Those small glitches will make it special and memorable.
No wedding day is ever perfect.
With so many variables things happen; it rains, the soloist gets ill, the flower girl cries down the isle, the groomsmen boutonnières get lost, the reception site didn't use the right linens, the best man's toast wasn't flattering and on and on.
No matter how much careful planning you do, things happen - that is life.
It could be a minor thing or it could be big deal...
the best outcome is a bride and groom that handle it all in stride.
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