Quit Smoking - And Not Gain Weight!

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There is a common understanding that when people stop smoking, they also gain weight.
But this doesn't have to happen.
There are ways to be prepared so that while you're quitting smoking, you don't end up swapping one problem for another.
Why does this happen? Nicotine gets into your system and boosts your adrenaline, triggering the "fight or flight" response.
This response represses your appetite and makes you feel less hungry.
But now that you have stopped smoking, you are no longer giving your body that artificial adrenaline boost.
If you incorporate this new knowledge into your quit smoking plan, you will be prepared to deal with this head on.
You should already start planning the healthy snacks you will eat, such as carrot sticks, celery, or fruit salad.
If you plan your meals ahead - including snacks - you will be prepared when hunger strikes and you won't reach for something quick and bad for you.
Eating is also a psychological response to your quitting.
You may decide to eat because you're now bored.
Or in need of comfort.
Turning food into your crutch is not the way! Enlist friends and family to help support you during this tough time.
Changing your routine to include regular exercise will ensure that you won't gain weight when you quit smoking.
Exercise releases endorphins, the happy chemicals.
So you will be in a better mood to fight the withdrawal symptoms! Exercise releases stress and improves your mood.
If you are preparing to quit smoking and haven't quit yet, start a regular exercise plan now, so that you will already have it in place while you're transitioning to a non-smoker.
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