Hayfever and Pollen Allergies

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A normal day can become a challenge when you are the victim of allergies.
I say victim because that is exactly how it feels when you are plagued on a daily basis by something that you cannot see.
Allergies affect millions of people in many different ways from light itching to potentially fatal.
The body reacts to common substances erroneously defending it and giving warning signals.
The defense that the body generates is an unwarranted response to substances that are not harmful.
These substances can be very common and make life for the allergy sufferer very uncomfortable.
Hay fever is the common name for allergic rhinitis this is a reaction to pollen from a variety of plants.
It can be from almost any plant and the reaction will be different depending on the intensity of the allergy.
It can range from a slight discomfort with irritated eyes to full blown debilitating flu like symptoms that will include a headache, streaming eyes blocked nose and severe fatigue.
Unfortunately allergic reactions can be instigated by numerous common substances including household dust, pollen, cleaning substances and numerous other things.
If the allergy sufferer is unable to identify what it is that is causing the reaction they could continue to come into contact with it.
Allergies are not only caused by airborne substances but also by coming physically into contact with the allergen or even ingesting it.
Non allergy sufferers are often not sympathetic to people who suffer from allergies as they find it difficult to associate with the complications that can be caused by the disease.
People who suffer from allergies can take a variety of steps to try and take control the allergen reactions.
Usually hay fever is largely harmless and only causes irritation and discomfort.
If the person can identify the reactive allergen they can take steps to try and avoid contact with it.
This can include installing air filters and ensuring that bed sheets and mattresses are cleaned and put out in the sun on a regular basis.
This may be difficult for people who live in apartment buildings and they should then take other steps to avoid dust mites.
These steps can include buying anti allergenic bedding and using specialized vacuum cleaners to remove dust mites.
Hay fever can also be controlled by using antihistamines that reduce the impact of the allergens on the body s immune system.
This works to varying levels and will be more successful on some people than others.
Allergies can be depressing for the sufferer as they can manifest in multiple ways and have an effect on the quality of life as a whole.
If they are properly managed they can be controlled and the allergy sufferer can have a largely normal life.
Allergies should not be underestimated and specialist medical advice should be sought in order to properly manage and understand the extent of the allergy in question.
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