Can You Honestly Create Your Own Natural Home Skin Care?

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Want to make your own natural home skin care solutions? You can probably find the ingredients that go into making the best natural skin care product. Of course, you might not have the time that it takes to combine them properly, but assuming you're a good "cook", here's the recipe.

These ingredients would make a good age-defense day cream for a woman. There are some different ingredients that would be important for a man and night creams are usually a little "richer". But, I thought the day cream "recipe" was a good one to start with.

Natural Home Skin Care Recipe for the Daytime


1.    Coenzyme Q10
2.    Vitamin E
3.    Wakame Kelp
4.    Maracuja (passion fruit)
5.    Palm oil
6.    Grape seed oil

To make this natural skin care product, you would need to be able to pulverize the coenzyme Q10 and the vitamin E until the molecules were small enough to penetrate the skin's cells. The purpose of antioxidants like these is to protect the skin's cells from damaging free radicals, which are produced when we are exposed to UV rays from the sun or environmental pollution.

Wakame kelp, a kind of seaweed, has been used since ancient times to treat burns, strengthen the hair and as a beauty preserver. With a good food processor, you could probably make a natural home skin care mask using wakame. The ancients pulverized it or chewed it to a pulp and then applied it to the injury.

Passion fruit is a good source of vitamin A and C, as well as potassium and dietary fiber. The vitamins are antioxidants that are important ingredients for a natural skin care product. Potassium is necessary to balance the skin's moisture content. The fiber would be discarded, basically, you would need the juice. I have often seen it suggested that orange juice is an effective natural skin care product for this purpose, but it lacks the vitamin A content.

Palm oil moisturizes, without causing greasiness. Grape seed oil has a unique filming ability that helps to lock moisture in and keep dirt out of the pores. You would need to combine all of these ingredients to make your natural home skin care products, but you would need to know exactly how much of each one to use. If the concentration of a specific ingredient is too high, it could be irritating; too low, it would be ineffective.

Personally, I prefer to leave it to the experts. Besides, there is one effective ingredient for a natural skin care product that is not available to the average guy/girl.

It is an amino acid complex extracted from sheep's wool that has been shown to stimulate the production of new cells, increase firmness and reduce inflammation, among other things. The extraction processes are patented.

Basically, there is only so much that a do-it-yourself natural home skin care product can do. But, there's a lot that the experts can do for us, if we want to look younger for life.

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