Inexpensive Home Decor, Straight Out of the Magazines

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Do you flip through home décor magazines, wishing that you could somehow make your home look like those on the glossy pages?Very few people have the money to decorate their homes in lavish fabrics and expensive woods, etc.
This does not mean, though, that you cannot find a way to make your home look like those in the magazines.
In fact, next time you find a room in a decorating magazine that you just have to have, rip the page out and use it as your inspiration!No, you will not be able to have a room that matches it exactly, but you will be surprised at how close you can get!You do not need to go out and buy the same exact pieces as the room in the magazine has.
Rather, you can go out and find pieces that are similar in shape, similar in size, similar in color, and/or similar in character -- but not similar in price.
Remember, you do not need everything to look exactly like it does in the photo.
Think to yourself, "What exactly is it that I love about this room?Is it the colors?Is it the size of the sofa?Is it the way that everything is arranged?Is it just the decorations...
?" Once you figure out what it is that you like about the room in your ripped-out page, the easier it will be for you to decorate your own room.
If it was merely the colors that you liked, then you can go off and find completely different pieces, as long as the color scheme is similar.
Or, if it was more the innovative way in which the room was arranged that you liked, you may only need a few extra decorative items and a few strong men (to rearrange your furniture!) to make your room your dream room.
The important thing is that you find pieces that fit your particular home, your personality, and your price range.
For instance, if you saw a beautiful room with walls wallpapered in textured, lavish red silk, you can instead find a deep glossy red paint for your own walls.
You can add texture or a design by using a sponge, crumpled newspaper, or a stencil.
It is amazing how much a new coat of paint can do for a wall.
If there was a huge mirror framed on the wall that you absolutely loved, you can instead find many smaller (and less expensive) stick-on mirrors that you can arrange in a pattern over your wall, or stick them closely together so that they make one giant mirror.
Or, you might find a smaller mirror with a beautiful frame.
You might even find a wonderful frame at a garage sale, and then have a mirror cut to fit.
Obviously, none of these mirrors are going to look exactly the same as the mirror in the magazine.
But they will give your room the same feel of depth and elegance that you are looking for.
Garage sales and thrift stores are always excellent places to look for furniture for your dream room.
No, the furniture may not look perfect when you pick it up, but you just need to squint your eyes and imagine what a fresh coat of paint or a new upholstery job, etc.
can do.
Thrift stores and garage sales are perfect places to find unique and unusual furniture and decorations for your home.
Sometimes you just need to use your imagination and think, "how can I make this piece look more like that piece in the photo.
"Sometimes all it will take is a bit of sanding, paint, or some new drawer pulls, etc.
Good luck in your search for the perfect room.
I am sure that it is not too far away.
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