How to Build a Chicken Barn

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    Choose a Location

    • 1). Check local zoning laws to make sure it is legal to raise or house poultry on your property. Some towns forbid it. If it is legal, then choose a location close enough to the house to make it convenient for you to care for your birds, but not so close that the smell will bother you. Look for a flat location with water and electrical access (or be prepared to have both run out to the location by a licensed plumber and electrician). The ideal chicken barn should face south, to provide bright sunlight to chickens, and have some type of shade to keep them cool in the heat of summer.

    • 2). Once you found your ideal location, determine how many birds you want to keep. An 8' x 8' chicken barn provides adequate space for a laying flock of 15-20 birds.

    • 3). Next, measure the area for the chicken barn and the run. Use chalk or contractor's tape to mark off the area. Flatten the area if necessary, removing plants, rocks and any objects that may make construction difficult or harm the poultry.

    • 4). Purchase a shed kit from a home-improvement store. The most sanitary way to house poultry is to build a concrete floor under the shed. Follow the manufacturer's directions to build the shed. Be sure that all nails, splinters and screws are covered or removed from inside the barn.

    • 5). Add perches and nesting boxes to the shed. Perches should provide 15 to 25 centimeters of space per bird. Place a chicken waterer and feeder in the chicken barn. Cover the concrete floor with straw or hay.

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      Once your building is complete, inspect it thoroughly. Test the doors and look for places where predators can enter the chicken barn or yard. Once you think your building is secure, safe and healthy, bring in the birds and enjoy your new feathered friends.

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