Organic Search Engine Optimisation - How to Get Ranked

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Organic search engine optimisation is the practise of optimising a website so that it improves in the natural search results.
Typically when a user visits a search engine and types in a keyword the search engines produce 2 different types of results, organic search results and paid search results.
They are called organic search results because the website appeared there by natural means.
Conversely paid search results appear because they have paid the search engine to advertise their site when a visitor types in a keyword.
The obvious attraction of organic search results is that is free (although many businesses and individuals invest time and money getting up the search results).
Appearing within the top ten results of the search results and indeed appearing number is the goal of nearly all website owners.
So the question is how do you perform organic search engine optimisation to appear in the results.
Quite simply there are 2 things you need to be aware of, on page organic search engine optimisation and off page organic search engine optimisation.
On Page Optimisation - This is the practise of making sure that your website is friendly to the search engines, for example if you are targeting a particular keyword make sure that you write the title tags to properly.
Also remember that if the robots can't crawl your pages they will not be able to index them.
So having user friendly navigation and site architecture is important.
Off Page Optimisation - This is really the crux of organic search engine optimisation.
Think getting to the top of the search engines like a popularity contest.
The more website that link to you, the more popular you are and the higher you rank.
The best way to get other websites to link to you is to produce really excellent content.
That way other sites will naturally want to link to you.
Now of course you can to a certain extent 'engineer' your own popularity, however the search engines are wise to these types of tactics.
Many people spend a lot of time working on various tricks and methods, thinking that they have in some way 'fooled' the search engines only to find that they don't last very long.
This is something that website owners want to avoid.
Its best just to work on producing a really excellent site, that is search engine friendly and full of high quality content.
Quality content will win every time.
If you make a conscious effort to product quality content you will find that your rankings improve naturally.
Best of luck on your website success.
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